It was an exciting night, with many of the best bands in the state going head to head to close out the competitive summer season in Minnesota.  You performance earned you another high score and ran your string of scores in the 80’s to 5 consecutive parades.  This will be a hard standard to live up to for future bands.  There continue to be only 4 bands in the state that perform at a higher level than you: Litchfield, 728 Cadets, Waconia and Mankato Lancers.  We saw Henry Sibley twice and we each outscored the other once.  I was proud to be your director this season and will miss you over the next 5 weeks.  Enjoy your July.  We will see you again on August 6.

Congratulations to Jack Soden, winner of “The Golden Dinkle Award” for tonight’s parade.

Here are tonight’s results.

89.9 Litchfield, Grand Champion, 1st in Class A, Best Marching, Best General Effect

89.5 728 Cadets, 1st in Class AAA, Best Drumline, Best Colorguard

88.2 Waconia, 2nd in Class AAA, Best Winds, Best Music

82.4 Henry Sibley, 1st in Class AA

82.3 “The HERD”, 3rd in Class AAA, 4th in Music, 4th in Marching, 6th in General Effect, 6th in Drumline, 8th in Colorguard

81.2 Alexandria, 2nd in Class AA

78.7 Patriots, 4th in Class AAA

75.5 Champlin Park, 3rd in Class AA

73.6 St. Michael-Albertville, 4th in Class AA

71.8 Lake City, 2nd in Class A

68.8 Blaine, 5th in Class AAA

68.7 Richfield, 3rd in Class A


I really cannot believe the way you continue improving.  Five parades and five successively improved performances.  I am proud to be part of this organization.  Your level of caring about excellence is truly humbling.  Going into today’s parade it was entirely conceivable  that we could get 5th in our class and 9th overall.  The best finish we could reasonably hope for was 2nd in our class and 3rd overall…and that’s what we earned. Your score of 83.7 is both our highest score and our highest place finish at the St. Cloud Parade.  We have yet to see either the 728 Cadets or Waconia (we’ll seem both of them on Monday), but based on the results that I’ve seen posted about other parades around the state, it looks like they are again in the top echelon of bands along with Litchfield and Mankato.  You’re just behind that group.  What a fantastic season for fantastic marching musicians and performers.

Congratulations to today’s most outstanding visual performer, Emma Henne, of the drumline.  She wins “The Golden Dinkle Award” for the day.

Here are today’s results.

  1. 85.4 Litchfield, Grand Champion, 1st in Class A, Best Music Execution, Best Marching Execution, Best Music General Effect, Best Visual General Effect, Best Drumline
  2. 84.5 Mankato Lancers, 1st in Class AA
  3. 83.7 “The HERD”, 2nd in Class AA, 2nd in Music Execution, 5th in Marching Execution, 3rd in Music General Effect, 4th in Visual General Effect, 3rd in Drumline, 4th in Colorguard
  4. 81.9 Henry Sibley, 2nd in Class A, Best Colorguard
  5. 81.8 Champlin Park, 3rd in Class AA
  6. 81.5 Milaca, 3rd in Class A
  7. 81.45 Owatonna, 4th in Class AA
  8. 80.1 Sauk Rapids-Rice, 5th in Class AA
  9. 75.6 Sartell
  10. 75.4 St. Michael-Albertville
  11. 67.1 Foley

See you all for a 2:00 meet time on Monday.

    85.4  Litchfield (Grand Champion & Drumline)
    81.9  Henry Sibley (Color Guard)
    81.5  Milaca
    75.6  Sartell
    67.1  Foley
    84.5  Mankato 77 Lancers (Color Guard)
    83.7  Buffalo
    81.8  Champlin Park
    81.45 Owatonna
    80.1  Sauk Rapids-Rice (Percussion)
    75.4  St. Michael-Albertville

Five Plays of “Pictures from Bald Mountain”…Five fantastic performances.  Each was equally impressive.  You have “arrived” as a performing ensemble when you stop worrying about the little details and put you total energy into the nuance of performing with energy and style.  I am so impressed by what you accomplished tonight.

Congratulations to the Color Guard for their “Best Guard” Award for Class AAA.  They were 3rd overall out of the 10 bands.  The Drumline was 2nd in our class and 2nd overall.  As an overall band, you had the highest score in every caption including Best Music, Best Marching, and Best General Effect.  You were the Grand Champions of this event tonight.  This was one of the great nights in the 29 year history of “The HERD”.

Congratulation, also, to Crystal Allen from the Colorguard.  She was tonight’s winner of “The Golden Dinkle Award” for Outstanding Visual Performance.

Report time tomorrow is 7:15.  Don’t forget you lunch!

Here are tonight’s results.

Class A

  1. 78.2 KMS, Best Colorguard, Best Drumline
  2. 76.6 Benson
  3. 66.4 Foley
  4. 62.2 Albany

Class AA

  1. 79.2 Alexandria, Best Colorguard, Best Drumline
  2. 74.1 Sartell

Class AAA

  1. 83.45 Buffalo, Best Colorguard
  2. 80.4 Champlin Park, Best Drumline
  3. 80.4 Owatonna
  4. 75.8 St. Cloud Solar Sound

Thanks for the great day gang.  I’ll make this short and sweet.  You continue to improve with every performance.  This was your highest score ever at this parade. Tomorrow promises to be another great day to march and I look forward to seeing what your top end is.  Can you get even better?

Congratulations to Cat LaCasse from the trombone section, winner of “The Golden Dinkle” representing an outstanding visual performer.

Here are the results from tonight’s parade.

83.7 Mankato Lancers Grand Champion, 1st overall in every caption

82.3 “The HERD”, 1st in Class AA, 2nd overall in every caption

79.7 Champlin Park, 2nd in Class AA

75.1 STMA, 1st in Class A

72.2 Virginia, 2nd in Class A

69.7 Richfield, 3rd in Class A

Foley Parade Results

My Friends.  This was a fantastic start to our competitive season.  What a fine performance.  We got chased around by the weather a bit, and when it came time to step off it felt like we weren’t quite “in the zone.”  But, by the time we got to the judges stand, we had all the kinks worked out and you were hitting on all cylinders.  The last two performances of your show were simply spectacular.  And, the judges agreed.  This was the second highest score “The HERD” has ever received at the Foley Parade.  Here are the results from tonight’s parade.

81.8 Sauk Rapids-Rice: 1st in Class AAA, Grand Champion, Best General Effect, Best Percussion, Best Color Guard

81.1 “The HERD”: 2nd in Class AAA, Best Music, Best Marching, 3rd in General Effect, 2nd in Percussion, 3rd in Colorguard

81.1 Milaca: 1st in Class AA

77.85 Bemidji: 2nd in Class AA

72.8 Solar Sound (St. Cloud All City): 3rd in Class AAA

71.5 St. Francis 4th in Class AAA

69.0 Maple Grove 3rd in Class AA

68.45 Blaine 5th in Class AAA

68.4 Lake City 1st in Class A

68.4 Hutchinson 4th in Class AA

62.6 Albany 2nd in Class A

58.9 New York Mills 3rd in Class A

Congratulations to Joey Patterson for winning tonight’s “Dinkle Award” signifying the best visual performance of the evening.

See you all tomorrow at 2:00 for the Brooklyn Center Parade.  There are 6 bands including our first look at Champlin Park and the Mankato Lancers.

What an amazing week we’ve had.  On Monday morning we “mostly” knew our music, “kind of” knew some of the guard work, and “sorta” knew how to march well.  By Wednesday, we had a show.  By Thursday, we thought “maybe” we could be pretty good.  By Friday we were convinced of it.  It was a bit disappointing to get stormed out of our Dress Rehearsal for the parents on Friday.  Still…we thought we were ready for the real thing tonight.

Man-O-Man was it hot.  I down-played it throughout the afternoon and evening, but I was really miserable.  It felt like 95 degrees to me and I was a little worried about how you’d handle it.  But, you performed like a band of veterans tonight.  The music was marvelous, the drumming was precise, the guard work was terrific and the marching was amazing.  At one point I squatted down and just watched feet go by from the front of the band all the way to the back looking for “rookie feet” and I couldn’t find any.  I truly feel that we are ahead of the game this summer.  This could be one of our best bands ever.  What will next week bring?

Here are the results from tonight.

78.9 Alexandria Grand Champion, Best Marching, Best General Effect, Best Color Guard

75.4 KMS 1st in Class A, Best Drum Majors

73.1 The Patriots (St. Anthony & Spring Lake Pk.) 1st in Class AA 1st in Music, 1st in Drumline, 1st in Winds

72.3 Benson 2nd in Class A

69.7 Sartell-St. Stephen 2nd in Class AA

67.4 St. Francis 3rd in Class AA

67.4 STMA 3rd in Class AA

67.0 St. Peter 3rd in Class A

51.8 Maple Lake 4th Class A

Your score was 76.2.  You were tied for 1st in drumline, 2nd in Music, 2nd in Marching, 3rd in General Effect and 3rd in Color Guard.  This is one of our highest scores, ever, at the Buffalo parade and is a fantastic start to our competitive season.

Congratulations to our first two winners of “The Golden Dinkle Award”, presented to the outstanding visual performer at every parade.  For the week of Sweat Camp and the Parent Performance the winner is Reynah Johnson from the Honor Guard.  For tonight’s parade the winner is Hannah Zimmerman from the Clarinet Section.


The 2016 Marching Band Volunteer Schedule is now posted.  Please check often, as this link may be updated due to scheduling and availability changes.

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