Buffalo Stampede 2015

The Herd Winter Drumline 2014-15 season is well underway and we are excited to announce our upcoming Home Show on Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 1pm. We hope you will come out and support The Herd Winter Drumline and join us for a fun afternoon of competition! The event this year will have several competing drumlines from Minnesota and Wisconsin.
Hosting an event of this size requires the help of many families, both on the day of the event, and in the days leading up to it. While you may not currently have a student in the drumline, we hope you will support our group in one of the following ways:

Prize Donations

Each year we have a prize table for the spectators and drumline participants.  Winning tickets are drawn throughout the day.   We like to include a wide variety of prizes, keeping in mind that many of the spectators are not from the Buffalo area.   Some ideas are:
  • Game/Event Tickets (Twins, Gophers, Renaissance Festival, etc)
  • Gift Cards –  Best Buy, Caribou, Starbucks, Target, Home Depot, Cub, Barnes & Noble etc.  (Suggested minimum value of $20)
  • Many stores now have kiosks where you can choose from a variety of gift cards, making it an easy item to pick up!
  • Baskets – 31 , Pampered Chef, Norwex, any of the home party groups…or put together a themed basket of your choice such as family movie night (DVDs/Candy/popcorn), kitchen ware, Coffee Lovers (cups and flavored coffees) Fitness items, sporting goods,  hand crafted items, etc..
Prize donations will be accepted now through Friday, Febraury 13.

Concession donations

Pop, water, juice or baked goods, for example.
On the day of the event, these opportunities are available –  Even if you only have a couple of hours,  it helps us tremendously!


You will be the contact for a visiting drumline, leading them through the school to the practice and performance areas, and helping to keep them on schedule.

Door Timers

You will get to watch the drumlines as they rehearse, and keep things moving on time.


Cashier, fill orders and help hungry students and spectators.
Please tell your students as well – it’s a great way for them to volunteer with a BHS music group!
For more information, please contact:

Join the Herd for the 2015 Season!

Montrose Band—HELP!

Hello Band Families,

This is an emergency message.

We talked about the Montrose Band at Hanover, but I now understand that the official invitation did not go out until Monday night at 5:30 PM and it only went to this year’s 11th and 12th graders…10th graders didn’t receive the message.  As a result, there are not many kids signed up yet, even though I know 20-30 of the marching band members indicated they wanted to play.  So….we need to move the needle on this and we need to do it quickly.  If a band does not show up to play at Montrose it will absolutely reflect badly on our program.  Here is the message that was sent out Monday night.  Get the word out…get your friends to play…contact older brothers and sisters and alumni..call the number listed below to let Mr. Bauman and Mr. Knutson know that you are playing on Sunday.

Hello. This is Tom Bauman, Activities Director at Buffalo High School. Mr. Knutson and I are trying to get the word out to band members at BHS who would be available to participate in a 25-30 member BHS Pep Band.  The band will be pulled on a parade trailer and is scheduled to play in the Montrose Parade on Sunday, August 17th.

Students would be asked to meet at BHS in the cafeteria that morning at 10am for organization, bused to Montrose at approximately 11am, participate in the parade scheduled at 1pm, and be back at BHS around3pm. We are hoping this will be a fun event and lunch will be provided. We ask that participating students wear a purple t-shirt or something similar, something that would represent school spirit.  The event will also be counted as 1 A and I point for 1st quarter at school.

If you are interested in participating, please call Barb McIntosh at 763-682-8106 by Wednesday, August 13th to confirm your spot. If you reach voicemail, please leave your name, type of instrument you would be playing and a phone number for us to confirm with you. Thank you for helping us out and phone number for us to confirm with you. Thank you for helping us out and……FIRE UP!!!

Tom Bauman

BHS Activities Director


Hanover Parade Reminder

Hello Friends,

I am excited to see you all again on Saturday.  It has been a long time.  I hope you’ve enjoyed your July.  The weather has been fantastic.  Saturday looks cool and comfortable while we rehearse at school and warm and sunny when we step off at around 11:30 or so.  Rehearsal starts at 8:30 and the parade itself starts at 11:00.  Most of you are a little out of shape so try to practice the next couple days and started drinking a lot of water. Be sure to eat a good breakfast on Saturday morning and bring a lunch to eat on the short drive to the parade.

After the parade we will be loading up and returning to BHS (without going back to watch the end of the parade).  At that point everybody will help unload everything.  Instruments will be put away, and uniforms will be turned in.  When you put your stuff away you can head over to Sturges park for our potluck.  Be sure you family has checked the e-mail from the HERD Secretary about what you need to bring.

One last interesting detail for 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th graders.  We are trying to put together a group to ride on a flat bed truck playing pep band tunes at the Montrose parade on Sunday, August 17th.  Be thinking about that and whether it can fit into your schedule.  I think that it will be really fun…very casual and Pep Bandy.

See you all on Saturday for one last HERD Hurrah!

H-A-N-O-V-E-R       H-A_N-O-V-E-R     Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh   Hanover!

Roseville Parade Recap

Hello Friends.  What a fantastic way to end our competitive season.  We went up against the best of the best tonight…perhaps our toughest line-up of the season, and did what we always do…represent the communities of Buffalo, Hanover and Montrose with pride.  I hope that you feel a sense of accomplishment at what you’ve achieved.  You set a musical standard that is tough to beat.  Congratulations to winner of the “Golden Dinkle Award”, Andrew Braun from the Clarinet Section.

Here are tonight’s results.

1. 90.3 728 Cadets-Grand Champions, 1st in Class AAA and highest score in every caption.

2. 87.5 Waconia-1st in Class AA

3. 84.2 Champlin Park-2nd in Class AAA

4. 81.2 Litchfield-1st in Class A

5. 81.0 Buffalo-3rd in Class AAA (8th in Colorguard, 4th in Drumline, 7th in General Effect, 6th in Marching and 3rd in Music)

6. 80.9 Henry Sibley-2nd in Class A

7. 78.4 Alexandria-2nd in Class AA

8. 76.5 St. Michael-Albertville- 3rd in Class AA

9. 75.0 Hastings-4th in Class AA

10. 72.8 Richfield-3rd in Class A

11. 68.1 Blaine-4th in Class AAA

Enjoy your July.  We will see you again on Saturday, August 2, for the Hanover parade.  Rehearsal starts at 8:30 AM.  The parade is followed by uniform hand-in and the end of season program/potluck.

Hello Friends,

I want to encourage you to take some time out from your weekend and stop by the Buffalo American Legion Post today between 4:00 & 8:00 PM.  Tina Schmitz is one of our Band Moms and she is in a battle with stage 3 triple negative infiltrating carcinoma (breast cancer).  The Benefit tonight will include a meal, silent auction, raffle, bake sale, prize packages, kid’s activities, music and dancing.  Please try to carve out a little time today to support a member of our BHS Band Family.


Hello Friends,

I don’t know about you all, but I am flat-out tired.  Four parades in five days is taking its toll on me.  However, the kids seem to be thriving under the opportunity to perform.  We had some great performances over the past couple days.  Last night in Sauk Rapids we saw our color guard come into their own and start selling their show the way we always knew they could.  That continued today in St. Cloud.  At both parades, “The HERD” placed 4th overall.  In each case, we considered this to be our best possible finished, based on the level of competition that we were facing.

For folks that are trying to wrap their brains around the idea of celebrating a 4th place finish, you must understand that every parade we go to is a major tournament at which the best bands in the state gather.  We go where the best bands are.  Because we keep going where the best competition is, we will rarely get the Grand Champion trophy the way we did in Rogers.  FYI…depending on how you crunch the numbers, it looks like we are ranked right around 7th in state right now behind “The 728 Cadets”, “The Mankato 77 Lancers”,  “Waconia”, “Park Center”, “Champlin Park” and “Litchfield.”  Of course, there are many other great bands that are at our caliber that have also had great performances, and there are a couple that we haven’t even seen yet, but these six and “The HERD” are the only bands to have had multiple scores in the 80’s this summer. (We’ve had 3)

Congratulations to the most recent winners of “The Golden Dinkle”. Erica Hoops from the Sousaphone Section earned the award at Sauk Rapids.  At St. Cloud, the winner was Sarah Patterson from the Trombone Section.

Here are the results from yesterday and today.

Sauk Rapids Results

1. 83.2 Champlin Park-1st in Class AAA Best Music, Best Marching, Best General Effect

2. 81.8 Park Center-1st in Class AA Best Color Guard

3. 81.7 Litchfield-2nd in Class AA Best Drumline

4. 80.6 Buffalo-2nd in Class AAA (3rd in Music and Drumline, 4th in Marching, 5th in General Effect, 6th in Colorguard)

5. 77.9 KMS-1st in Class A

6. 77.2 Osseo-3rd in Class AAA

7. 76.4 Benson-2nd in Class A

8. 69.4 Albany-3rd in Class A

9. 68.2 Sartell-3rd in Class AA

10. 67.0 Bertha-Hewitt-4th in Class A


St. Cloud Results

1. 85.6 728 Cadets-1st in AA and Grand Champion-1st in every caption area

2. 84.4 Mankato Lancers-2nd in AA

3. 82.7 Litchfield-1st in A

4. 79.7 Buffalo-3rd in Class AA (4th in Music Execution, 3rd in Marching Execution, 5th in Music Effect, 6th in Visual Effect, 7th in Color guard, 4th in drumline.

5. 78.6 Milaca-2nd in A

6. 77.2 Sauk Rapids-Rice 4th in AA

7. 73.6 STMA-5th in AA

8. 67.9 Virginia-3rd in A

9. 61.0 Foley-4th in A

10. 58.2 Maple Lake-5th in A

We have one parade competition left…Monday in Roseville.  Let’s show up to school ready to work hard and get just another click better, because the line-up is just as tough as ever and we owe it to ourselves to show the community of Roseville what great marching musicians we are.  Start time is 2:00 at the school.  Parade time is 6:15 and we are the 25th unit.  We are likely to step off at around 6:45 and finish early enough to go back and watch the last few bands.

See you on Monday.



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