Roseville Results

Superb work this evening friends.  Many of you thought you had your finest performance of the year.  What a fantastic way to finish our competitive season.  We got to share a spectacular parade venue with what I believe are the 5 best parade bands in the State of MN and held our own in every caption.

Congratulations to Kwynn Kalamaha from the Colorguard for winning the Golden Dinkle Award tonight.

Here are the results:

Class A

81.3 Litchfield

71.6 Lake City

70.0 Alexandria

Class AA

86.0 Henry Sibley (Grand Champion)

82.8 Waconia

69.7 Bemidji

51.6 Anoka (Included middle school students)

Class AAA

82.5 728 Cadets

82.4 Mankato 77 Lancers

81.6 “The HERD”

71.9 The Patriots

70.9 Champlin Park

Best Music: Waconia (Buffalo was 3rd behind Waconia and Sibley)

Best Marching: Henry Sibley (Buffalo was 4th behind Sibley, Waconia and Litchfield)

Best General Effect: Henry Sibley (Buffalo was 6th behind Sibley, Mankato, Cadets, Litchfield and Waconia)

Best Winds: Henry Sibley (Buffalo was 3rd behind Sibley. and Waconia)

Best Color Guard: Henry Sibley (Buffalo was 6th behind Sibley, 728 Cadets, Litchfield, Mankato, and Waconia)

Best Drumline: 728 Cadets (Buffalo was 5th behind the Cadets, Waconia, Mankato and Sibley)




Lake City Results

What can I say?  This band just keeps getting better.  Every time we go out, our performance level increases.  Today was no exception.  On a day that many veterans said was the most uncomfortably hot parade they remembered, you put up the highest scores at a June parade in the history of the band, when being judged by a 3 judge panel (2 and 1 judge panels sometimes result in higher scores).  I was truly proud of the way you persevered in “the black uniform of death” and pounded out one of your best performances ever.

Congratulations to banner carriers Emma Staut and Sophia Nosbush on winning The Golden Dinkle Award for outstanding visual performance.  They create an exceptionally high first impression for our ensemble every single day.

Here are the results for today.

Class A

85.5 Litchfield (Best Colorguard, Best Drumline, Best Drum Majors, Best Winds in Class A)

82.2 Milaca

78.1 Benson

Class AA

84.4 “The HERD” (Best Drumline, Best Drum Majors, Best Winds in Class AA)

83.4 Owatonna (Best Colorguard in Class AA)

79.3 Bemidji

Overall Caption Results regardless of class.

Best Music: “The HERD”

Best Marching: “The HERD”

Best General Effect: Litchfield (“The HERD” in 4th)

Best Winds: “The HERD”

Best Colorguard: Litchfield (“The HERD” in 5th)

Best Drumline: “The HERD”

Congratulations.  Sleep well.  Be ready to work hard tomorrow at our last competitive event of the season.  We will be seeing Litchfield, Lake City and Alexandria in Class A, Henry Sibley, Bemidji, Waconia and Anoka in Class AA, and The Patriots, The 728 Cadets, Champlin Park, and the Mankato 77 Lancers in Class AAA.  It will be a fantastic event to close out the month.

Hello Friends.  Sauk Rapids was, once again, a mountaintop experience.  There is something about that venue that just brings out the best in you.  You performed with a sense of intensity that was truly inspiring.  All 5 “plays” were better than the one before it.  I especially enjoyed your last performance of night in front of the drum majors.  The ballad simply “floated” down the street.  It was immaculate.

As I mentioned at the parade, it has become exceedingly difficult to select winners of the Dinkle Award.  There are now so many members with perfect feet, instrument angles and guard work, that we have to look at posture, head angle, facial expression, and performance characteristics that happen above the waist to find the best of the best.  Tonight, that person was flutist Tori Herda.  Congratulations.

Here are the scores for tonight.  Congratulations on your second place finish and your first 80 point performance (only 8 bands in Minnesota have risen to this level so far this year).

Class A

77.5 KMS

75.9 Winona Cotter

66.1 Foley

61.7 Royalton

Class AA

75.6 Sartell-St. Stephen

75.5 Alexandria

72.0 Solar Sound (St. Cloud All City)

Class AAA

82.6 Owatonna

82.4 “The HERD”

76.9 St. Michael Albertville

Caption awards were given in each class, but here are the overall caption results.

Best Music: Buffalo

Best Marching: Buffalo

Best General Effect: Owatonna (Buffalo in 5th , 1 point behind Owatonna…really a tight bunch)

Best Color Guard: Owatonna (Buffalo in 5th, just .3 behind Owatonna)

Best Drumline: Buffalo

Congratulations to our friends from Owatonna.  We will see them again on Sunday in Lake City.

See you all at 7:50 AM Sunday morning!

Milaca Results

Congratulations on another fine event.  It was a difficult experience, with a short warm-up time in the line-up are and a rushed “suit up” time.  I’m really sorry that I mismanaged that schedule so badly.  Yet, when we got onto the parade route you seemed really comfortable and composed.  Speaking of the parade route, you actually stood at parade rest for more minutes than you performed your show tonight.  That’s really unusual.  And…for the first time, we had to stop the band in the middle of a performance to keep you from crashing into the unit in front of you…TWICE.

Despite all these barriers to excellence, you killed it, yet again, and competed really successfully against some of the finest bands in the state.  Four of the six bands that have scored in the 80’s so far this summer were there tonight and you hung right in there with them.  We continue to do well in music and marching, and the general effect scores continue to rise, led by the steadily improving colorguard.

Here are the results.

Class A

70.8 Lake City

70.6 KMS

69.0 Benson

61.8 Foley

58.5 Royalton

Class AA

77.4 Sauk Rapids-Rice

76.3 Dassel-Cokato

70.0 Sartell-St. Stephen

70.0 Alexandria

65.1 Solar Sound (St. Cloud All City)

Class AAA

81.5 728 Cadets (Elk River School District)

78.6 Mankato 77 Lancers (Mankato All City)

78.3 “The HERD” (4th overall)

74.0 Champlin Park

Grand Champion

82.6 Waconia

Caption Results (Awards were presented by class, but this summary is overall, out of 15 bands)

Best Music: Waconia (Buffalo was 4th)

Best Marching: Waconia (Buffalo was 3rd)

Best General Effect: 728 Cadets (Buffalo was 5th)

Best Colorguard: 728 Cadets (Buffalo was 7th)

Best Drumline: 728 Cadets (Buffalo was 5th)

Congratulations to the winner of the Golden Dinkle, Cole Carlson from the Drumline.





Hello Friends.  It was a beautiful day for a parade, yah yah?  Two hours of incredible effort on the Grinder followed by outstanding focus in the lineup area led to our best performance, thus far.  Almost all member of “The HERD” indicated they’d upped the quality of their show last night, the the judges concurred.  The Marching and Music continue to be at the highest level, and the color guard is cleaning up nicely, leading to a vast improvement in the General Effect caption.  Scores were tight at the top, between “The HERD” and our friends from Sauk Rapids-Rice and Milaca.  This time, Sauk Rapids-Rice was named Grand Champion, followed by “The HERD” then Milaca.  Can we improve our performance level enough to catch “The Storm” in Milaca tonight?  We’ll see.

Congratulations to Golden Dinkle winner, Emma Forcier, a Super-Senior from the trombone section.

Here are the results.

Class A:

76.5 Lake City

70.9 Richfield

64.1 Albany

59.8 Royalton

Class AA:

79.7 Sauk Rapids-Rice

78.9 Milaca

69.4 St. Francis

69.1 Sartell-St. Stephen

64.0 Solar Sound (St. Cloud All City)

Class AAA:

79.3 “The HERD”

72.5 St. Michael-Albertville

72.2 Maple Grove

71.5 Champlin Park

Best Music: Sauk Rapids-Rice (“The HERD” in 2nd by a 10th of a point)

Best Marching: “The HERD”

Best General Effect: Milaca (“The HERD” in 3rd)

Best Drumline: Milaca (“The HERD” in 6th)

Best Colorguard: Sauk Rapids-Rice (“The HERD” in 8th)

Buffalo Days Results

I am so proud of the work that happened this week.  To go from Monday morning and having now show in place whatsoever, to the performances from the Parent Preview and the Buffalo Days Parade is an astounding achievement.  You should all be very pleased at the quality start to the season.  I especially want to acknowledge and thank the parents that did some many things over the past 7 days to get this show on the road (literally).  The Band Aides and Trailer Aides crews from last night were simply amazing.  In many ways, it is our hardest event of the year, and we have to do it in our first attempt.

As for the kids…you were simply astounding.  It is hard to believe that what we say on Saturday night was your first public performance.  This young band showed remarkable veteran-like poise in front of it’s hometown crowd.  Well done.

Here are the results from the parade.

Class A

79.1 Milaca: Grand Champion, Best Winds, Colorguard and Drum Majors.  Best Marching, Best General Effect and Best Colorguard

74.9 Lake City: 1st in Class A

71.7 Benson: 2nd in Class A

70.8 Alexandria: 3rd in Class A


Class AA

73.5 St. Francis: 1st in Class AA, Best Music, Best Drumline

72.5 Sartell-St. Stephen: 2nd in Class AA

71.5 St. Michael-Albertville: 3rd in Class AA

71.3 The Patriots: 4th in Class AA

Although “The HERD” was not part of the competition, we were judged and received an overall score of 74.9.  This would have put us in 1st place in Class AA and tied for 2nd overall.  We had the highest scores in Music, Marching, Winds, and Drumline but were ranked quite low in both General Effect (mostly the design of the show) and Colorguard…so…we’ve got some work to do in those areas.  But…we know how to get better and we will.

Congratulations to flutist Hayley Burling who earned The Golden Dinkle Award for Sweat Camp and trumpeter Aaron Noble who earned it at the Buffalo Days Parade.

We’ll see you all tomorrow night.  Report time is 5:50, and I’ll share some of the comments made by the judging crew on Saturday night.

Rest up, eat well, drink lots of water, and……..chapstick!

Click here to download 2018 Herd Marching Band Schedule with practice and load times for parades.

Saturday, June 16, 2 – 9:30PM – Rehearsal and Buffalo Parade (6PM)

Monday, June 18, 6-9 – Rehearsal

Wednesday, June 20,  2 – 11:00PM – Rehearsal and Foley Parade (6:30PM)

Thursday, June 21, 2 – 10:30PM – Rehearsal and Milaca Parade (5:30PM)

Friday, June 22, 2 – 10:30PM – Rehearsal and Sauk Rapids Parade (6:00 PM)

Sunday, June 24, 8AM – 7PM – Rehearsal and Lake City Parade (2PM)

Monday, June 25, 2-11:00PM – Rehearsal and Roseville Parade (6:15PM)

Saturday, August 4, 8:30AM – 4:30PM – Rehearsal and Hanover Parade (11AM) followed immediately by end of season potluck at Sturges Park


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